innovative australian care
disability services provider

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We manage tasks such as housecleaning, cooking, gardening, and personal service. 

We manage your transport / travel from A to Z. We have suitable wheelchair accessible vehicles according to the case. 

We build your capacity and help you explore possibilities and opportunities available to you. 

Our experienced team helps you join in a wide range of activities and community access option, such as entertainment outings, eating out, shopping, music classes, gym, printing. 

We enable our participants to independently engage in community and social activities during the week. 

  • Occupational Therapists 

We assist you through a personalized care plan to live your best life in your home and engage in your community throughout our experienced Our Occupational Therapist. 

  • Physiotherapy 

We help you gain independence in self-care and everyday activities throughout our experienced Occupational Therapist. 

  • Speech Therapists  

We help you with pronunciation and understanding language throughout our experienced speech therapists.   


We manage your NDIS plan and budget and make the most out of it, including submitting claims to NDIS portal, paying your invoices, and assisting you with any NDIS related issues. We strongly work on incident reports to modify your plan to suit your updated needs.  

We provide in-home care throughout experienced registered nurses. 

We provide personalized 24/7 care throughout a dedicated and experienced team of doctors, nurses, and support workers. We give high priority to our participants’ physical health, mental health, diet quality, sleep quality and environmental health. We create safe comfortable environment with daily housekeeping and bedding services, and we serve healthy diet plan throughout our dietitian. 

Innovative Australian Care offers robust houses

  • Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) 

We provide care and accommodation management to our participants across Sydney with a 5-star hotel service. We have strong partnerships in the community including properties registered as Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). We highly consider the level of facilities’ design, cleanliness, quality, and maintenance. 

  • Supported Independent Living (SIL) 

We provide supervision and assistance to our participants with their daily everyday tasks to help them live as independently as possible. We offer this service at a shared group-home or a drop-in service at your personal home across Sydney with a 5-star hotel service and high-quality furniture.  

  • Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) 

We provide housing with a 5-star hotel service for up to 90 days to our participants after leaving hospital or rehabilitation centers and need care before returning home. 

  • Short Term Accommodation (STA / Respite) 

We provide support services for our participants while they are up to moving to another region or plan across Sydney, as well as offering them short term accommodation with a 5-star hotel service.